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How to log into Service Interface.


Hi guys,


We have a Netapp 5350 0833 that we were given by one of our clients.  I am trying to factory reset the thing so I can see if it would be worth using.  I am using hyper terminal and got up to the Service Interface password screen.  From a quick google I saw that this password usually doesn't change and should be SPRIentry.  I tried that to no avail.  Does anyone know if this is the correct password or how i could get in to reset this.  I am not worried about data loss either.  Thank you in advance!


Re: How to log into Service Interface.


Having same problem with the serial interface.  Can't get past the password on an E2624 system with an LSI i/f-6 controller. Same as the OP, I don't care about data loss, I just want to reset everything and be able to change the IP addresses from the service port.  I'd be thankful for any information that could solve this issue!


Re: How to log into Service Interface.


For E-Series we don't supply the shell credentials without a service ticket.

Depending on system type and firmware, the password could be changed from our normal credentials.

Also depending on system type and firmware, the method to wipe the system clear of config can be different.


To assure proper guidance for both of your situations, I would suggest opening a support ticket and we will be happy to guide you through the process.


US & Canada - 888-4-NETAPP

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