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How to setup Netapp E2824 as a openstack cinder block storage back end using tripleO




I need help with setting up e2824  as a openstack cinder block storage back end using tripleO. Please see my cinder-netapp-config.yaml below.


Q1. What should one use for the filed "CinderNetappServerHostname"? Should it be Openstack controller IPs or Netapp e2834 iscsi port IPs?


# A Heat environment file which can be used to enable a
# a Cinder NetApp backend, configured via puppet
OS::TripleO::Services::CinderBackendNetApp: /usr/share/openstack-tripleo-heat-templates/puppet/services/cinder-backend-netapp.yaml

CinderEnableNetappBackend: true
CinderNetappBackendName: 'tripleo_netapp'
CinderNetappLogin: 'Administrator'
CinderNetappPassword: 'prenewsys0!'
CinderNetappServerHostname: ''
CinderNetappServerPort: '80'
CinderNetappSizeMultiplier: '1.2'
CinderNetappStorageFamily: 'eseries'
CinderNetappStorageProtocol: 'iscsi'
CinderNetappTransportType: 'http'
CinderNetappVfiler: ''
CinderNetappVolumeList: ''
CinderNetappVserver: ''
CinderNetappPartnerBackendName: ''
CinderNetappNfsShares: ''
CinderNetappNfsSharesConfig: '/etc/cinder/shares.conf'
CinderNetappNfsMountOptions: ''
CinderNetappCopyOffloadToolPath: ''
CinderNetappControllerIps: ','
CinderNetappSaPassword: 'prenewsys0!'
CinderNetappStoragePools: 'Pool_1'
CinderNetappHostType: ''
CinderNetappWebservicePath: '/devmgr/v2'



I don't have a lot of experience with Open Stack or Cinder, but the attached document for Ceph on E-Series might be able to help you.


So far, I am unable to configure my e2824 as cinder backend.


Here is what a I need help with:


Q1. What should one use for the filed "netapp_server_hostname"? Should it be Openstack controller IPs or Netapp e2834 iscsi port IPs?


Controller A iSCSI ports IPs:

Controller B iSCSI ports IPs:


Thanks for the information. 


I followed the instrctions in the link http://netapp.github.io/openstack-deploy-ops-guide/ocata/content/cinder.eseries.iscsi.configuration.html after installing openstack using tripleo http://tripleo.org/ and configuring Cinder with a NetApp Backend using the link http://tripleo.org/install/advanced_deployment/cinder_netapp.html with no luck.


With all those instruction implemented, I am still getting the error below:



2018-02-19 16:32:14.671 36463 INFO cinder.volume.manager [req-f2396ae4-4185-435c-8418-d5c4190cceb2 - - - - -] Initializing RPC dependent components of volume driver NetAppEseriesISCSIDriver (1.0.0)
2018-02-19 16:32:14.671 36463 ERROR cinder.utils [req-f2396ae4-4185-435c-8418-d5c4190cceb2 - - - - -] Volume driver NetAppEseriesISCSIDriver not initialized
2018-02-19 16:32:14.672 36463 ERROR cinder.volume.manager [req-f2396ae4-4185-435c-8418-d5c4190cceb2 - - - - -] Cannot complete RPC initialization because driver isn't initialized properly.
2018-02-19 16:32:21.673 36463 WARNING cinder.volume.manager [req-81320227-068c-4ea0-b01f-3e46362c6382 - - - - -] Update driver status failed: (config name tripleo_netapp) is uninitialized.
2018-02-19 16:32:24.675 36463 ERROR cinder.service [-] Manager for service cinder-volume overcloud-controller-0@tripleo_netapp is reporting problems, not sending heartbeat.



So, has anyone within Netapp Community been successful in setting NetApp e-serise as cinder backend while deploying Openstack using tripleO?


Please see attached my lab setup.


Thanks in advance for your professional and technical help.



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