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Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Hi folks,


Is there anywhere an E-series product support Matrix to be found?

Anything showing which HBA are supported with which host systems?


In this case need info which SAS HBA's are supported to connect an E-2724 to a HP DL380 G7?


If there isn't a Matrix, is there anyone with personal experience connecting HP DL's to E-series over SAS?


Could I use a HP 614988-B21 (HP modular Smart Array SC08e 2-port Ext PCIe x8 SAS HBA)?

Although a Hp solution does have the preference, anyone got experience with a LSI HBA solution to connect HP DL to E-series?


All help is appreciated.





Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Reading on the web from what I can find, many users are experiencing problems when connecting E-Series over HP SAS HBA's!  




"we have got a HP H241 HBA in a DL360 Gen9 connected through HD SAS to a Netapp E-2700.

On the Netapp E-2700 we created several volumes and the H241 only sees the first one "LUN 0".

If we change another volume to LUN 0, the H241 sees only that one.

So whatever we try to do, the H241 always only sees LUN 0 and none of the other volumes."



What practical expierince does anyone here have to share concerning the use of HP/Adaptec/Intel HBA's to connect E-series?

Surely with 1-milj units sold there must be a few thousand connected to HP hosts (via SAS)? 


Users online suggest using the LSI 9207 or a 93xx card instead. Can those be sourced through NetApp CE/PE??







Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

I can speak to the HP SAS 12Gb HBA’s. We are actively engaged in testing BUT when HP ported the “Smart Array” driver from 6Gb to the new 12Gb cards they left the “lock out” in the fw and driver. Only MSA Arrays are recognized. We do have a build of HBA FW that removes the lock that we are testing but it is not ready. Additionally there are driver changes required on some OS’es to remove yet another lock. The process has been relatively slow working through this with HP. 

Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Hi Josh,


So basically we can only support LSI 92xx or 93xx cards between HP servers and E-series SAS if we want to go for max SAS speed??

Or we need to find 6Gb SAS HBA’s?

I did find this controller:


HP Smart Array P212  (Supported in the G7 server model at the customer site)


Does this one have the same sw problems?


Thanks for your patience and help.


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Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Any HP card branded Smart Array is going to have the same or similar issues. We do support the HP221 and HP222. You can find those on the IMT matrix. 

Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

We will use a HP DL3x0 Generation 9 with SAS to a E-Series 2700.

At this time there is no certificated HP HBA to do this. HBA 221 is not certificated from HP and H241 not from NetApp.


Have anybody an idea? LSI HBA works but no onsite support from HP




Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

The 241 is broke with all arrays except the HP array. We are working with HP but it is slow going on their part. We are working every route/escalation point we know of.  The LSI 9300-8e card will work but SANboot is restricted with this combination. (HP Server + LSI9300-8e). 



Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

HP published the firmware version 3.0. Have everybody experience with this version ? Does it fix the problem ?


Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Has there been an update with this HBA issue?

Re: Is there an E-series product support Matrix?

Its really sad.

We bought machines from one of the biggest server companys and one of the biggest storage companys but their products are not compatible.

You have no chance to build up a supported enviorement.

The Gen9 Server from HPE only supports the H241.

Netapp doesnt support the H241.

So you can only go with LSI but then your HPE Server will not be supported anymore from HPE therefore Netapp will maybe help you ;-)


Going with the H241 is definitly dangerous, we just had a DL360 Gen9 running with the H241 where the datstore that is connected with the Netapp froze and HPEs Support answer of course was: "Your problem call Netapp" - case closed.



As a customer who spent quite a bit on your system I feel like I made a mistake not buying the storage from HPE.

In my opinion you should really try harder to support their H241 Card that is for HPE customers the only option.


Btw: Our first comment on this is from 2015 and there is still no solution :-(

A question to the community: What do you use for the Gen9? LSI? Without problems?


Best Regards