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Maximum number of synchronous mirror pairs on E27xx




An old couple of E2712 has 12 synchronous mirror pairs.

I try to add 7 more but it fails after the 4th : I got the message "The maximum number of mirrored pairs have been created on this storage array. Before creating a new mirror relationship you must remove one of you existing ..."

If I read the technical report : Introduction to E-Series E2700 Feature Overview with SANtricity 11.30 | TR-4545-0916 | NetApp, I see : 

Legacy mirrors per system 16 (synchronous only)

Mirrors per system 32


Has someone more than 16 synchronous mirrors on a couple of E27xx ?

Do you think I have to deactivate mirroring and reactivate to recreate the mirror repositories ? (I suppose the mirror repositories have been created with a 7.x firmware).


Thanks to all !


Re: Maximum number of synchronous mirror pairs on E27xx




As you stated, the limit for number of mirrored pairs is 16 for synchronous mirroring. The limit does not change with the newer firmware for this platform. For the 27xx platform, asynchronous mirroring has a limit of 32 mirrored pairs. 


The limit is set within our feature bundle, and the limit is not keyable using a feature bundle key. This means the limit cannot be changed for this platform to a higher number.


Some of our platforms and specially the newer ones can hold significantly more mirror pairs ( 128 mirror pairs).



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