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NetAPP E2724 - Need help to recover volume





I do have NetAPP E2724 with failed volume group, previously I could see a failed disk and a hot spare disk but automatic rebuild did not start.




How can I fix this, I looked around but found no option in Gui..


I tried CLI but got below errors:


C:\WINDOWS\system32>"C:\Program Files\StorageManager\client\smcli.exe" -c "revive volumegroup [vd02];" -u "administrator" -p "1234!"

Performing syntax check...


Syntax check complete.


Executing script...


Unable to force volume group "vd02" to optimal at line 1.

Error 18 - The operation cannot complete because of an internal target error. Please retry the operation. If this message persists, contact your Technical Support Representative.


The command at line 1 that caused the error is:


revive volumegroup [vd02];


Script execution halted due to error.


SMcli failed.



Please suggest..

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