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NetApp E2824

Good afternoon.
I would like to know if NetApp2824 is compatible with the PERC H840 Adapter?



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NetApp E2824, so I believe this is E-SERIES. I don't know much about E-SERIES Arrays but I will try.


PERC H840 [Power Edge Raid Controller] : So that's DELL/EMC, isn't it. For SAN connectivity checks, we go by Interoperability Matrix, that's the place where you can validate all the components that are part of the NetApp fabric (FC/iSCSI/blah-blah).


My concern is : Its sounds like it's a RAID Controller, and to be able to connect E-SERIES to Host we need HBA. I believe some RAID-Controller can be switched to HBA mode but as far as this is concerned (PERC H840) is not listed in the Intero Matrix. I have attached the excel, you can take a look.


If it's RAID Controller then, we are talking about server/storage, then products like 'ontap select/edge' comes into picture which an be verified for third party hardware (does not apply here).


However, here you have E-SERIES storage (Back-end) and I am guessing you are talking about connectivity to the Host PERC H840? In that case, it does not list it as supported.



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Re: NetApp E2824

Good afternoon.

Yes that's right PERC H840 This is a raid controller Dell. Thank you very much for the information provided.

Re: NetApp E2824

Good afternoon, you're welcome!

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