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NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.3 released!


Dear PowerShell community,

We are glad to announce the release of NetApp PowerShell Toolkit version 4.3. This unified release has enhancements for both ONTAP and SANtricity modules.


ONTAP PowerShell Module:
The latest release adds upto 2050 cmdlets and provides complete API coverage for ONTAP 9.1 and is backward compatible with previous ONTAP releases.


SANtricity PowerShell Module:
The latest release adds upto 285 cmdlets and has the following enhancements: 

  • Provides ability for direct communication with E2800 storage array (SANtricity Web Services Proxy is not required)
  • Advanced Analytics (CPU Utilization, Interface stats, Controller stats)
  • ASUP support
  • Verbose and Windows Event logging support
  • Improved context help with examples
  • Improved error messages

Download the PowerShell Toolkit 4.3 from here

NetApp PowerShell Toolkit Team


Re: NetApp PowerShell Toolkit 4.3 released!




Thanks for sharing this information.

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