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Release white space from thin volume



I have a thin provisioned volume on my E2724. The host using that volume consumed space all the way up to the maximum (2TB), however I have removed half of that data now so the actual size of the data on the volume is 1TB. Im seeing capacity consumed stay at 2TB in santricity though.

How can I release that white space back to being free space and thus available to any volume which needs to grow?



Re: Release white space from thin volume




Currently the thin volume feature does not support UNMAP, thus the space can’t be reclaimed for use by other volumes. Thin volumes are positioned for data sets that grow slowly over time and can thus benefit from the economics of under-provisioning.

In the next release (SANtricity 11.25), SCSI UNMAP commands issued by a host will be supported. This allows for the deleted space to be reclaimed for use by other volumes within the dynamic disk pool.

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