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Replacing a dead controller E2660


We have an E2660 that just lost a controller (completely dead, shows up in Santricity as "removed"). We have spare controllers from other units that we should be able to use as a replacement. But it seems that is not as simple as plugging a new controller in. Are there any particular steps needed to replace a dead controller with a "used" controller from another unit? Do we have to somehow wipe the replacement controller before inserting it into the unit? Any commands we need to perform after inserting the controller to get it recognized? No support contract for this unit, so we're on our own here... This should be easy, right??? Thanks for any pointers


Re: Replacing a dead controller E2660


It is fairly straightforward, but does have some requirements.


  1. It must be the same controller model.
  2. The submodel ID (SMID) needs to be the same. You can find this under the controller information in SANtricity.
  3. Both controllers must have the same HIC.
  4. While not strictly necessary, I would also make sure the firmware version and NVSRAM versions are the same.
  5. Leave the good controller running when you put the new controler in, it will then be configured properly.

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Re: Replacing a dead controller E2660


Ahh! That seems to be the issue. We have lots of controllers, and they seemed to be the same (same part number and everything), but looking in Santricity it seems that the failed one is submodel ID 180, while the spare ones we have are submodel 138. I guess they don't mix and match. Any way of replacing with a different submodel? Or replacing both controllers (without losing all the data)? Maybe we're out of luck...

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