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Restoring to Factory Defaults E2724

I'm trying to repurpose an existing e2724 array.  I cannot connect to the device with Santricity as the IP addresses were changed and I don't know what they are.  I've tried connecting to the default IP addresses on both ports but that won't work.  When I connect to the serial port and try to type anything the test is garbled.  Can anyone help out?


Re: Restoring to Factory Defaults E2724



Check this community discussion thread




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Re: Restoring to Factory Defaults E2724

I was wable to get this resolved.  In case anyone else runs into this here's the steps I took.


I tried to connect to the console using every baud rate, parity and flow control option available.  I couldn't get any of them to display and readable output.  I then connect a network cable to one of the mgmt ports and used wireshark to capture data.  In looking at the wireshark data I was able to find the IP address assigned to the controller.  I was then able to connect to that IP address using Santricity.  Once connected I was able able to reset the IP addresses to what I wanted them to be.