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SANTRICITY Web Service - Health Check



I have an e-series array and a santricity client & web service.

I want to run a rest api health check like in santricity  client(recovery guru), but when I do, I don't receive any details about the faults, the way I do with the recovery guru.

For example, I can see that a disk has failed, but I do not know which one.

Could you Please tell me about other commands to get more info about the errors using REST API?


Thank you for your help



Can you send the JSON you do get back from the recovery guru?


"failedDrivesPresent": {

  "result": "failed",

  "type" : "failedDrivesPresent",

  "severityLevel": "medium",




How can I get more information about this error,for example : which disk has failed


To drill down to the specific drive, you can query http://localhost/devmgr/v2/storage-systems/1/drives (Adjust the URL for your system)

That will list all the drives and you can loop over them to find the failed drives.


Hope this helps


Hi I still could not understand what 'health-check' checks Is there a document that specifies for each check in the 'health-check' what is checked for example:Spm Database Health Check,Object Graph Sync Check
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