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SANtricity Unified Manager SSL Port


Hi all,


I have configured the SANtricity Unified Manager to use 443 as SSL Port but when I click a Storage Array from the Unified Manager, it calls the urls with 8443. When I edit the URL manually to use the port 443, it works.


This is the URL that I get when I click "Launch" from SANtricity Unified Manager: https://<storage-ip>:8443/sm?proxyIp=<proxy-ip>&xsrfToken=blabla >>> I get "cannot connect to website" error


then I edit it like follows: https://<storage-ip>:443/sm?proxyIp=<proxy-ip>&xsrfToken=blabla >>> then it works.



wsconfig.xml : 


<!-- non-ssl port if not specified, no listener is made-->
<sslport clientauth="request">443</sslport>
<!-- comma seperated list of protocols Possible values: SSLv3,TLSv1,TLSv1.1-->



I have restarted the services as well as the host. Where do I make the mistake?





Re: SANtricity Unified Manager SSL Port


Hello - I checked into this and found that it's not possible to modify the launch port for the SANtricity UM System Manager from 8443.

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