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SMcli Configuration File broken

Hey Guys


I wonder if anyone has seen this problem.  Basically when you run the command "SMcli -d" it shows you a list of the connected SANs the software knows about. Somehow one of our users has manged to add two of the same SAN to the configuration and now we can't remove it.  I can remove the last entry fine but not the first two (as they are the same).

Does anyone know where the configuration file is located?

See below (I redacted the names).  Any ideas?



Trying to remove it:




Re: SMcli Configuration File broken


page 15-17 is talking about the syntax of smcli. hopefully helps





Re: SMcli Configuration File broken

Thanks Jeff


Unfortunatley the document doesn't state where it keeps the configuration files or anything.


I did however, after doing some searching, found that the SMcli configuration files are kept in /var/opt/SM/ (under Linux).

The files are called emwdata_v04.bin and emwback_v04.bin for 08.30+.  Removing both of these files allowed us to setup the configuration file correctly.

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