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Santricity proxy and users


Une petite question, I read in the documentation that the proxy has the users "ro" and "rw".
Are these also accounts that must be registered in the array manager?

Re: Santricity proxy and users




Only the Read-Write user role can access the Array Manager and the array tree. The Read-Write role enables you to perform any action to a storage array in the array tree in the Array Manager.



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Re: Santricity proxy and users


This is not clear to me, do both accounts need to be declared on the array manager?
The ro and rw accounts are declared on the proxy by default, is this also true for the array manager?


I don't understand the mapping between those accounts on the proxy and the array manager. You would really help me if you explain this in more detail. (or if the documentation is more clear on that)

Re: Santricity proxy and users


Hi Mick, you don't need to do anything in the Array Manager for those accounts (ro and rw) to work, because they are local to the Webservices Proxy Application.


In other words you can only use them to interact with your E-Series System via the proxy (i.e. rest API).



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