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Space reclaim issue


We have an Eseries box as below

Manament Software Version : 11.20.0G00.0019
Controller Firmware version :

We have created a thin volume of 5TB which is howing as full in Eseries but there is more than 3 TB space still available on windows where it is mapped.
Now when I try to copy data on windows it not allowing us to do so. We have deleted few files from windows for testing purpose and than copy some data which was successful.

Datapool is having 6Tb space free.

Please help us to fix the issue permanently


Re: Space reclaim issue


Can someone please help me out here on my Above queries along with resolution. It would be really helpful

Re: Space reclaim issue




I am not the windows guy, but have you tried space reclamation via SnapDrive?


I guess, when the filer finds the volume full it won't allow futher writing to it, until free blocks have been reported to it via SnapDrive.


Best of luck



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