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Storage controller in Service Mode and "Sense key: Recovered Error [current]"


Hi E-series support,


    Host RHEL 6.5 final kernel 2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64


    I wonder if there is any ill effects of having a controller in service mode?  On hosts using the storage array with controller in Service Mode I see


# dmesg | tail -10
sd 6:0:1:103: [sde] Sense Key : Recovered Error [current]
sd 6:0:1:103: [sde] <<vendor>> ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x6ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x6
sd 5:0:1:103: [sdc] Sense Key : Recovered Error [current]
sd 5:0:1:103: [sdc] <<vendor>> ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x6ASC=0xe0 ASCQ=0x6


  multipath shows lun is in "active" mode.  Ideally, I would set it offline, but It doesn't want to. Even if it is inband managed.







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