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Upgrade E-Series systems via API

Hi There,


I'm trying to come up with some scripts to upgrade E-Series systems that run embedded API sericices, (e2860, ef570)


Going thourgh swagger docs, found endpoints for /upgrade/download and /upgrade/reload, but still not sure about the proper way of doing it.

Is it expected that you upload the RCB_11.40_xxxx.dlp file via the first call, and then use the second one to tirgger the update procedure?


Any pointers to doc, or code samples are appreciated.


It would definitely be agood addition to https://github.com/NetApp/webservices-samples






Re: Upgrade E-Series systems via API

Hey Pablo,


I know I already responded on ThePub (https://netapppub.slack.com), but just so others can see the response here....


I know that we have a few samples in this area, give me a few days to clean them up and I can see about getting something up there with the other samples on GitHub. If possible, I'll see about getting a more general write-up for the blog area finished.





Re: Upgrade E-Series systems via API

Hey Pablo,


Just wanted to let you know that I have added an example script to the Web Services Samples out on GitHub.




This is a simple example, but it does 3 things:


1. Runs the same health check that we run when intiating an upgrade operation from the GUI interface[s].

2. Takes a firmware file from the user's local filesystem and uploads it, telling the controller[s] to activate it immediately.

3. Waits for the controllers to reboot and become active again.


I can elaborate on any portions that are unclear, and this may be the subject of a future article out on The Pub. I know you aren't the only one interested in how to do this, and I think a more general explanation would be helpful.







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