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Volume initialization


After creating a new RAID6 volume group on the E5700, I created a new thick volume which is currently initializing. When I click on "View operations in progress" the volume is shown as initializing.  


I mapped the volume to a host and can read and write to the volume. Is it safe to use this volume while it is initializing? If not, what are the risks?


Also I can only run 8 concurrent volume initializations, all other volumes are waiting in pending state. Is there a way to speed up the initialization process?




Re: Volume initialization


It is safe to use the volumes while initialization is in progress. E-Series is designed to do that. You should be able to go ahead and mount all the volumes and use them during the initialization proces. The gotcha here is performance, which will be degraded until initialization is complete. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to speed up the initalization process.

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