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Whats the latest must have firmware for NetApp E2824?




For the NetApp E2824 having the firmware version as described in the attached. Are there any critical updates that should be applied over these?





Re: Whats the latest must have firmware for NetApp E2824?




SANtricity OS version 11.50.2 is a behind a little bit with now having 11.60 and 11.70 releases available. The version you are on is missing a patch release 11.50.2P1, which contains the fixes described in the below readme:




At the moment, the latest firmware version available for 11.50 family release is 11.50.3R2. This firmware release contains a number of fixes and enhancements which some are available in the below readme:




Based on the version you have running at the moment, I would suggest you upgrade to at least 11.50.3R2.


11.60.3R2 and 11.70R2 are the latest releases available and contain additional enhancements, features and fixes. Those are considered newer software releases, while 11.50.3R2 is considered a maintenance release for 11.50.2. If you do choose to upgrade to 11.60.x or 11.70.x, I suggest you first validate your host environment against our interoperability matrix (https://mysupport.netapp.com/matrix/#welcome) in case your hardware or software needs any update to align with what we have tested and certified for those 11.60.x and 11.70.x releases.


I would also note that upgrading to any of the latest versions of 11.50.x, 11.60.x or 11.70.x can be done in one upgrade from your current release, so you do not need to step through 11.60.x for example if you decide to upgrade from your current version to 11.70R2.


Here is a link to the E-Series controller software download page: https://mysupport.netapp.com/site/products/all/details/eseries-santricityos/downloads-tab


Last note I can share here is that if you do have AutoSupport enabled on your system, we can view the risks associated for your current system with the serial number provided, and determine if it is at risk of any known critical issue.


Hope this helps.

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