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Join conversations about NetApp E-Series storage systems, SANtricity and related plug-ins. Ask questions and get feedback from other users about these efficient storage systems optimized for demanding application-driven environments.

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We have a NetApp E2700 Series with the mix brand HDDs, now we want to buy a new hard drive replacement, however we cannot find the NetApp HDD since it ...read more
I must create a thin volume in storage ef570 (Santricity) through smcli, but i don't find the way to specific the workload name in creating of thin vo ...read more
Hi all,   I have configured the SANtricity Unified Manager to use 443 as SSL Port but when I click a Storage Array from the Unified Manager, it calls ...read more
My last remaining ancient 2600 appliance started throwing errors two days ago, ultimately causing a controller to reset and i do not believe it has th ...read more
Hi All,   Does anyone know if Harvest can collect inode details on E-series arrays? I have not been able to find much on e-series inode collection.   ...read more
Hello. I am running into a similar problem on my E2760. I was doing a POC. We are done and ready to fully deploy. I grew in an enclosure and my SAN be ...read more
Hi,   We have to create 48 LUN about E2812(12TB x 12)- DE212C(12TB x 12)  x2 system. This DDP have 277TB capacity. We want to create 5856 GB x 48 coun ...read more
A hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD) has failed on an E-Series storage array. https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1005089 ...read more
Hi All, I have a customer with an E2800 with dual-personality FC/iSCSI SFPs. It should have been iSCSI but came with the FC personality feature set. N ...read more
I have a CentOS 7 system (3.10.0-957.12.2.el7.x86_64) with Unified Host Utilities 7.1 installed and multipathd configured & enabled.   When I run pvcr ...read more