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Join conversations about NetApp E-Series storage systems, SANtricity and related plug-ins. Ask questions and get feedback from other users about these efficient storage systems optimized for demanding application-driven environments.

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Hello,   We have a customer that has requested access into eSeries arrays that we manage for them for monitoring purposes from Cloud Insights. I don't ...read more
Hello Experts! I would like to ask the used disk configuration clearance by following three kinds of tools, I got some used disks from Sun StorageTek6 ...read more
Does anyone know where can I find the E-Series SANtricity Storage Manager for MacOS version? The offical just provides version 11.52.0X00.0003 for dow ...read more
Hi,   I am trying to download the MIB files needed for PRTG monitoring of our NetApp E2760 Storage Array. The only sensor which works is the PING sens ...read more
Hello, I need to replace defective ST3600057SS LSI Part Number 42123-01 (MS03) for Class 3650 Model 0834 Storage, but there isn't an original part any ...read more
We have had a message appear "Volume Not On Preferred Path".  The diagnostic message says the following:   Are any Host Redundancy Lost problems being ...read more
I have several disk pools under "Disk Pools". How can I tell are these "Dynamic Disk Pool" or "volume group"?
I have a CentOS 7 system (3.10.0-957.12.2.el7.x86_64) with Unified Host Utilities 7.1 installed and multipathd configured & enabled.   When I run pvcr ...read more
Hello, I'd like to share my experience with attempting to replace a contoller on an *old* 2600 series netapp, and see if anyone has other ideas or sug ...read more
Hi expert We found EF570 performance reduce 50% when one ssd fail. Is it normal? Our enviorment is 120 ssd, ssd size 3.2T, DDP pool, each pool 60 disk ...read more