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controller not configured


hello I have E-series device cannot find it by the SAntricity storage management, how can I do it? and if the controller cannot make booting how can I solve it?


thanks to all. 


Re: controller not configured


Hi weamsaadi,


The initial configuration steps may vary depending on the platform model and setup details. Would you be able to share those details here?


Additionally, if the controller model is one that has the 7-segment digital display on the controller, would you please share the codes displayed on the controllers.


Here is also a link to the main E-Series documentation page which includes initial install and configuration steps: https://docs.netapp.com/ess-11/index.jsp


Re: controller not configured


Hello @weamsaadi,


Were you able to resolve the issues using @ahmadm suggestions? Please let us know if you still need assistance.





Team NetApp

Team NetApp
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