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iSCSI/FC takeover settings.

Hello guys.


I have a little question: the documentation about automatic takeover explain when occurs a node reboot and iSCSI/FC is enabled, the default configuration for cf.takeover.on_reboot is set to off. I like know some aspects about the operation of iSCSI/FC for this option is set to off.

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Re: iSCSI/FC takeover settings.



For FC/iSCSI the failover is handled through the multiplathing (MPIO) software on the host side.

In case of a node panic the hosts will access data through the path available from partner node automatically.

Default is on for filers serving NAS data since the failover is handled by the storage node.

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Re: iSCSI/FC takeover settings.



the explanation for this described here:



anyway. for any planned maintenance. do the takeover - giveback yourself and monitor it. don't just issue a reboot.



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