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training videos for E-Series


Hello All 

Im looking for training videos to help me get through the NSO-516 exam. The training WBT just doesn't seem to have enough to get me through. Does anyone know where I can get further knowledge from other than reading hundreds of pages....yes lazy i know.


Re: training videos for E-Series


Hello robc,


I am guessing you already took E-Series Fundamentals.

The training actually does a really good job explaining E-Series, its technologies and its features.

Although its not a training video, you can practice with E-Series hands-on if you have access to this lab.

If you are specifically looking for more training videos, do you have a search option on the Learning Center site where you find the E-Series Fundamentals course? I think I am sent to internal site when I log into the Learning Center. I have a search bar and can find several E-Series and SANtricity related videos, but I do not think these video links will work externally. I am not sure what your view looks like or what videos you have access to so it would probably be best to see what you have access to on your version of the Learning Center.

Team NetApp

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Re: training videos for E-Series


Hi Thanks for replying 

I have done the fundamentals, but there is also a lack of training videos on the NetApp KB TV YouTube channel for the E-Series, where as if you compare the ONTAP videos there are literally hundreds. I find these really helpful and are full of explanations.

So without having the extra cost of ILT I use the WBT and youtube KB TV for my learning and I have found these really help in embedding what the WBT's cant. There just doesn't seem to be a lot for the E-Series. 

the main aim is to pass the NSO-515/6 exam.


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