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what applications have you had success selling e-series?

what applications have you had success selling e-series?


which verticals? use case? applications?


Re: what applications have you had success selling e-series?

Backup is a good place for E-Series.  Look at the new offering from Arrow (disty).  It is CommVault with E-Series as the storage.  Very compelling.

Re: what applications have you had success selling e-series?

Following are some customer references with E-Series and EF-Series,




In terms of verticals, E-Series and EF-Series caters to Legal, Research, Food manufacturing, Real estate, Pharmaceutical, Meterological, Scientific research, education, media & entertainment, High Technology, Technology, Oil & Gas, Health care, online sales, Manufacturing, Government, Telecommunications and Financial markets


In terms of use-case and workloads, E-Series and EF-Series are a great fit for the following,


* OLTP transactions (SQL, Oracle - Increased performance with faster database response times enhancing productivity of users)

* Analytics (SAS business intelligence and analytics, Open solution for Hadoop to perform big data analytics, Splunk, EDW, data warehouse)

* High performance computing (Digital research, genomic, clinical data studies, high performance data buffer)

* Private cloud deployment

* Financial decision making with high IOPS database and high bandwidth workloads

* Back up & recovery (measurement data and weather forecast, oil and gas exploration with high bandwidth and capacity requirment, backup for workflow solutions for real estate due diligence)

* Modelling (weather forecast)

* Indexing & Metadata

* Retreive medical images immediately

* Improve software build quality and speed time to market with reduced latency and high availability

* Accelerate payment transactions for a faster and more reliable checkout experience

* Instant access to patient's medical history and personal healthcare data to provide timely, high quality health services

* Video surveillance solution for HD digital camera to improve quality and routing of surveillance videos

* Significant rack space savings for archiving e-mail and disaster recovery

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