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Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent Overview and Download Information


Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 3.0.2 Overview


Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent provides a standards based storage management interface that can be used to discover, monitor and manage NetApp storage systems. The specifications for SMI-S are developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).  NetApp's Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent has been certified by SNIA's Conformance Testing Program (CTP) suite for compliance with SNIA's SMI-S v1.2 specification.


Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 3.0.2 is an upgrade to Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 3.0.1 and include update for The tunnel subcommand supports XML inputs.This release will continue to support the following tasks supported in Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent 3.0.1:


  • Adding a storage system to manage and monitor devices
  • Deleting a storage system
  • Monitoring LUNs (logical unit numbers), volumes, and disks of storage systems
  • Provisioning LUNs and volumes for storage systems
  • Executing Data ONTAP APIs



You can install Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent (SMI-S Agent) on a Windows® or a Linux® host.


The functionality supported by NetApp's Data ONTAP SMI-S Agent includes features supported via standard profiles as well as NetApp-specific extensions.


Standard profiles support :

  • Fibre Channel SAN functionality, including LUN creation, mapping and masking, and reporting

  • NAS functionality, including resource discovery (aggregates, volumes, RAID groups, etc.) and system health monitoring

  • iSCSI SAN functionality, including LUN creation and export, and session and connection creation

  • Support for FAS series,V series, N series and NearStore R200 storage systems

  • Manage and Monitor the File Exports and File Systems

  • Manage and Monitor File System quotas

  • Alert indications -Support for all the traps generated by Data ONTAP

  • Storage Synchronized Association to provide information about Snapshot/SnapMirror information


NetApp-specific extensions support :

  • Capacity utilization (in the context of multi-protocol storage systems)

  • ZAPI tunneling


Software Download Information

The SMI-S agent is available free-of-charge through the NOW site. To access the SMI-S agent, partners and customers need to sign-up for it. The steps for sign-up and download of SMI-S Agent is available @ http://www.netapp.com/us/company/leadership/industry-standards/smi-s-agent.html .

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When is NetApp planning on bing compliant with SNIA's SMI-S v1.4 or even v1.5 specification?


Please see the new SMI-S agent 4.0.1 as it conforms to the 1.4 SMI-S Specification.

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