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How to remove snapmirror broken-off relationship?


hi, all

filer02*> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.

Source                Destination                State          Lag        Status

filer01:archive         filer02:archive                 Broken-off     606:00:59  Idle


but the volume "archive" on the destination storage filer02 has already been deleted..........


so could you tell me how to delete this broken-off snapmirror relationship?


waiting onine...............

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filer01 likely has a snapshot for the mirror... if you run "snap list archive" on filer01, you will see the snapshot you can delete which will clear this.  If not, it can be a snapmirror.conf entry or a registry state entry (not likely) which would require support to walk you through fixing... but in this case almost positive it is a snapshot on filer01 with the snapmirror status.



thanks for your reply. yes, there is indeed a snapshot containing the keyword "snapmirror" as below, but I can't delete this because the same source "filer01:archive" is replicated to another desitnation volume

filer01> snap list archive
Volume archive

  %/used       %/total  date          name
----------  ----------  ------------  --------
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Jul 04 23:06  hotnew        
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Jul 04 22:30  filer02(0135033979)_archive_mirror.16276 (snapmirror)
  0% ( 0%)    0% ( 0%)  Jul 04 00:01  weekly.0      
38% (38%)   20% (20%)  Jun 27 00:00  weekly.1 

filer02*> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.

Source                Destination                State          Lag        Status

filer01:archive         filer02:archive              Broken-off     606:00:59  Idle

filer01:archive         filer02:archive_mirror       Snapmirrored   00:30:59   Idle



Yes,resoveld! thanks!

I didn;t notice that there is an entry in  snapmirror.conf. I checked it agian and deleted, then it works!

thanks very much for your help!


Hi all. I saw this post and helped me to solve my problem. But a funny thing happened to me, I tell you.

I have snapmirrors between A and B, but occasionally, I must change the direction when switching service, in such cases, what I do is "snapmirror break X" on the slave and "SnapMirror resync-S Origin:X Destination:X ". This leaves a SnapMirror on the slave as broken-off, the master removes it automatically. After remove the slave everything is perfect. Later I go back to change direction again, but in this case to repeat the process, appear both, the slave and master in both senses of snapirror, but only works the new one and the old one (one on each filer, before only appeared in the slave whitch had been broken-off). There should be a more effective way to change a SnapMirror direction does not involve deleting the old one. Do You know if this is possible?


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