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How to use NetApp Storage System Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager


The NetApp Storage System Plug-in for Oracle EM delivers comprehensive availability and performance information for NetApp storage systems. By combining NetApp storage system monitoring with comprehensive management of Oracle systems, Cloud Control significantly reduces the cost and complexity of managing applications that rely on NetApp storage and Oracle technologies.



Step1: Download the NetApp Storage System Plug-in


Step2: Install as per Installation and administration guide to have new features like:


  • SAN support (both ISCSI and FCP)
  • Support for Oracle ASM (Both NFS and SAN)
  • BI publisher reports for new features
  • Few new metrics
  • ONTAP 9.0 Support


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If you are using 8.3.1 P1 with sslv3 disabled and only tls1 enabled in Ontap,  the jdk version within the Oracle Agent needs to be updated from what I think was the default.


We were running with within agent12c/core/xxxxxx/jdk, we updated to and connectivity was ok once more.


I followed:


Oracle Support note Steps for Implementing TLSv1 with OEM to Fix Poodle Attack (Doc ID 2059368.1)

This one also relates:

CVE-2014-3566 Instructions to Mitigate the SSL v3.0 Vulnerability (aka "Poodle Attack") in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid / Cloud Control (Doc ID 1938799.1)


(Bit stange as pre 8.3.1 P1 running 8.2 tls1 was fine with the older version of the jdk)



I would like to thank Sachin @ Nettapp or their help. This was provided as a command line way to check if the plugin could talk to the agent:


To validate that NetApp Plug-in jars are able to communicate using TLSv1 protocol with ONTAP system, please run the following steps:

  1. Login to OEM Agent host wirh oracle user credentials where NetApp plug-in has been deployed.
  2. Goto /<OEM_AGENT_HOST>/agent_inst/agent_inst/sysman/config/emd.propetries
  3. cat  /<OEM_AGENT_HOST>/agent_inst/agent_inst/sysman/config/emd.properties| grep JAVA_HOME
  4. cd inside java_home
  5. java -jar <OEM_AGENT_HOST>/agent_inst/plugins/netapp.storage.sys.agent.plugin_12. <VSERVER_MGMT_IP> 443 <vserver_user_account> <password> vsresponse

example: java -jar /u11/app/agent_inst/plugins/netapp.storage.sys.agent.plugin_12. 443 vsadmin netapp1! vsresponse

em_result =1

  1. If output is 1, NetApp Plug-in is able to communicate with Storage server and there are issues with OEM setting for TLSv1. If  output is 0, problem with NetApp Plug-in which we need to investigate further.
  2. If output is 1, try following command which communicated with storage server to retrieve details:

java -jar <OEM_AGENT_HOST>/agent_inst/plugins/netapp.storage.sys.agent.plugin_12. <VSERVER_MGMT_IP> 443 <vserver_user_account> <password> vsproductinfo


When the agent was failing we got this in the log:




[2015-11-17 13:07:15,752] [main] [ERROR] Failed to initialize Zapi runner. :com.netapp.autozapi.client.ApiProtocolException: Connection error to Storage System 10.1.x.x: Remote host closed connection during handshake


hope this helps someone else.




Thank you, Chris for sharing your learnings on public forum for benefit of others.

Finally, Netapp Storage Plug-in for ONTAP version 8.3.1 with TLSv1 protocol enabled worked after upgrading Java version and applying patch as provided by Oracle.






We were trying to monitor a new ONTAP 9 controller via EM. We have EM 12cR3, with plugin When I tried to add the new clustered ONTAP system, it gave an error saying "is not reachable over the network or is down".


I undeployed the plugin and trying to install the latest version. The first step to add the new opar file to the EM software library is failing


oracle@rdlvp63{oms}[/u01/app/oracle/product/oms/mw_home/oms/plugin]$ emcli deploy_plugin_on_server -plugin=
Enter repository DB sys password:

Performing pre-requisites check... This will take a while.
Invalid plug-in ID or version.
Error message is: Ill formed plugin id
For details, check the Management Server logs.


I'm not sure if this is an EM issue or a plugin issue. Can you help.



I was able to download and install the version of the plugin.


After I add the new target, I see this when I navigate to the target home page


Error during operation: SqlQuery.runQuery
Error #1009





can you please send me the screenshot to nkarthik@netapp.com?






There are multiple errors I see when I navigate to the target home page. It's best if I can show you via a webex.


Let me know and I can set it up.




Has anybody bee able to install this with EM 13c?  I am running 13.2 of EM



Will there be an updated version of this plug-in to support Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c?

Was there ever a response back as to whether there will be a 13c plug-in for OEM?

Also, has anyone encountered an issue where an SVM reports as being DOWN when the Cluster and all other SVMs report UP?


n doing some digging into the OEM logs we see these errors:

[2018-08-16 14:28:48,079] [main] [ERROR] Failed to initialize Zapi runner. :com.netapp.autozapi.client.ApiProtocolException: Connection error to Storage System Connection refused
[2018-08-16 14:30:15,314] [main] [ERROR] Failed to get network interface error rate : Metric [CsNetworkInterfaceError]::com.netapp.autozapi.ApiExecutionException: Object "ifnet" was not found.
[2018-08-16 14:30:20,616] [main] [ERROR] Failed to initialize Zapi runner. :com.netapp.autozapi.client.ApiProtocolException: Connection error to Storage System Connection refused

The error from OEM is:

The error message reported is that filer1 is unreachable over the network or is down.



After doing a lot more digging I found out the issue.


For some reason when all of the other SVMs were created for CIFS, management was enabled on those LIFs.

The one converted from 7-Mode (7MTT) did not have mgmt enabled only data.


When I enabled mgmt on the LIF it established connection and OEM now reports it as UP.

Appreciation goes to @winkel helping me discover the solution

After installing this plug-in and configuring the NetApp-Filers we get every week an AutoSupport-Message with the following subject:


HA Group Notification from <NetApp_controller> (USER_TRIGGERED (ALL:NetApp Storage System Plug-in for OEM. Plug-in Version: Controller ONTAP Mode = Cluster : Controller ONTAP version = NetApp Release <NetApp_Release>)) NOTICE

Is this behaviour expected? Can we somehow modify these settings?

So now that I am able to monitor a SVM successfully, I have run into a new problem - REPORTS

I navigate to the SVM and in the lower left there are links to Reports such as FlexCone Storage Savings, Volume Utilization, Storage IOPS/Latency, etc.


However, when I click on the links it opens a new browser window with the following error:

Error 404--Not Found

Error 404--Not Found

From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:

10.4.5 404 Not Found

The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary or permanent.

If the server does not wish to make this information available to the client, the status code 403 (Forbidden) can be used instead. The 410 (Gone) status code SHOULD be used if the server knows, through some internally configurable mechanism, that an old resource is permanently unavailable and has no forwarding address.


I reached out to Oracle on the issue and since it is a NetApp plug-in they offered only a re-direct to NetApp Community for help.

Are there any later versions available than

Did anyone had success deploying the plug-in in EM 13c?

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