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OnCommand Unified Manager Core 5.1 released


[From the Release Notes]


Enhanced monitoring and reporting of Cluster-Mode objects

  • Vserver monitoringYou can discover and monitor Vservers and their states, the NFS and CIFS service status, and receive notification about changes in the Vserver state.
  • Disk monitoring and reportingYou can discover disks and monitor the disk status, type, size, usage, and owner node, and receive notification about changes in the owner node.
  • Support for larger aggregatesYou can discover and monitor 64-bit aggregates, and receive notification about  changes in the aggregate type.
  • Qtree monitoring and reportingYou can discover and monitor qtrees on Vservers, and obtain information such as the space usage and limit, file usage, growth rate, and chargeback.
  • Quota monitoring and reportingYou can discover and monitor  user quotas for the volumes on the Vservers, and obtain information such as the quota target, space usage and limit, file usage, and chargeback for users and groups.
  • NFS exports and CIFS share monitoring and reporting on NASYou can discover and monitor  NFS exports and CIFS shares on Vservers, and obtain information such as the export path name, CIFS shares name, protocols, and superuser security.
  • LUNs, initiator groups, FC targets, and Vserver FC LIFs monitoring and reporting on SANYou can discover, monitor, and generate reports on SAN objects for information about the LUN status and mapping, space reservation, initiator group type, HBA ports, and FC targets.
  • HA pair monitoring and reporting for storage failoverYou can monitor the interconnect status and HA states, receive alerts about changes in HA pair statuses or node failure in the HA pair, and analyze the HA setup and status of controllers.
  • Volume movement detailsYou can receive notification if volume cutover is deferred or has failed, or if the LIF is not owned by the destination node after a volume move operation. You can manually retry the cutover operation, view the junction path to recover corrupted data, and view the volume move status.
  • Access restriction on administrators group in WindowsYou can restrict the GlobalFullControl access of Windows users who are part of the administrators group.
  • Port set details in the OnCommand consoleYou can view  details such as the port set type, the cluster that contains the port set, the interface that belongs to the port set, the initiator groups that are bound to the port set, the initiator group count, and the home port of the LIF.


Performance monitoring of Cluster-Mode objects

  • Obtaining performance information for Cluster-Mode objects, such as nodes, Vservers, and clusters, by using the performance views, charts, and counters.
  • Viewing the top five nodes based on CPU utilization, and the top five Vservers based on their total operations.
  • Specifying a performance threshold on multiple objects such as Vservers, clusters, and nodes.
  • Using predefined views to obtain performance information about CPU utilization, throughput, read and write operations, latency, events generated and so on about clusters, Vservers, and nodes.

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