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Storage Calculator in a spreadsheet

I created this spreadsheet to help make provisioning decisions. It matches the supported NetApp tools I've seen but didn't have access to. It only has 2040 and 3240 support right now but different models could be added easily. To get the capacity number close to what DFM reports I added a 'fudge' factor at D16 that can be tweaked to make the math more or less conservative.


The blue fields are drop downs and the green fields are numeric input. I set a password on the sheet to protect the structure. The password ('netapp') is listed at the bottom but could be changed and removed if desired.


One of the most useful fields is 'last_rg_disks' at B15 which tells you the number of disks that will be in the last raid group if all disks are added to an aggregate without specific distribution.


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sorry this is not an e-series calc sheet - it's for FAS-Systems - the label on this article is wrong and also the spreadsheet itself is outdated since there's a great tool within utility toolchest on netapp support site - please mark as outdated




@HONIG2012 Thanks for letting us know. We will move it to the appropriate area.

Thank you AJ!