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The most likely problems/errors you'll run in to with Edge

  • [102] VmPowerErr: VM 'edge1_host_11' will not be powered on due to enabled CPU power management features on the host system.  Please disable CPU power management features in the host system BIOS before starting this VM.

The answer is in the KB, but this could be a sign you skipped some of the documentation and compatibility information provide by NetApp. Please make sure to read all of the Installation and Administration guide for your version of Edge. Also make sure you've used NetApp's Interoperability matrix to confirm both hardware and software versions. Links directly to those are on the pages most people skip quickly through when aiming for the software download page.



Note: We have seen hardware vendors install custom drivers that cause problems for Edge by changing the power management settings to say something other than "Not Supported" even if you follow NetApp instructions for the bios. Our understanding in testing and conversations with VMware is that "High Performance" does not guarantee that power management is disabled. NetApp has seen problems with power management causing issues with Data ONTAP. Please contact your hardware vendor if our suggested settings do not make VMware report "not supported" for power management.


  • [85] VmSerialConnectErr: ESX firewall ruleset 'remoteSerialPort' disabled

Exiting wizard due to dvadmin command failure...


The ESX firewall by default blocks virtual serial connections between VMs. This prevents the dvadmin management VM from talking to the Edge VM.

(These instructions to fix could change if VMware changes the vsphere client interface) Host -> Configuration -> Security Profile -> Firewall properties -> Check "VM serial port connected over network."


  • vSphere Alert "Virtual machine cpu usage"


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The Remote Serial Port will also fail if you don't have vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing. As far as I can see, this is the only reason that ONTAP Edge requires vSphere Enterprise Plus. In a recent install, we worked around this by temporarily installing an Enterprise Plus evaluation license whilst the Edge management appliance (dvadmin) set up the Edge VM. Once that was done, we removed the Enterprise Plus license.

Of course this prevents access to the serial console in the future if ONTAP Edge needs troubleshooting, or if you use the management appliance to make backups of the configuration. But under normal circumstances you can manage ONTAP Edge via IP connection (SSH, etc.)

And I'm sure the official story is that you need Enterprise Plus licensing for vSphere, so YMMV.


The documentation specifically calls out enterprise as the minimum edition and states that use of a lesser edition would result in "reduced functionality".  Specifically, anything requiring the remote serial port feature will not work.  Even on edge, there are times I need the serial console.  If you really had to you could configure it for vidconsole like they do in the eval version, but its possible other dvadmin related functionality could be affected.


Ah yes, you're right - it does say Enterprise, not Enterprise Plus. Please disregard my references to "Enterprise Plus" in the original comment, it should say "Enterprise". I've added a strike-out.

And you're also right that you'll lose the serial port and dvadmin functionality. I just wanted to let people know my own experience. I am sure it would not be supported.

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