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What's New in ONTAP 9.4?


Want to know what's new in ONTAP 9.4? Here's Justin Parisi to breakdown all the updates including FabricPool, NVMe & much more!




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"sub-200 millisecond latency with NVMe over millions of IOPS"


I hope you meant sub-200 microsecond latency....

Let's just agree to using shakes as the storage is getting fast enough for that. Smiley Happy



Lol... I thought I had gotten milliseconds out of my system. Definitely meant microseconds!

I read some of the 9.4 release docs but didn't see quota enforcement for FlexGroups in there.  Did it not make it to 9.4?  Is it targeted for 9.5 (or later)?

@EWILTS_SAS yes, we have FlexGroup enhancements. I cover them in the tech reports TR-4557 and TR-4571 (udates will be out public soon), as well as this podcast:





At a high level, the features added include:


- FPolicy and native file audit

- QoS minimums and adaptive QoS

Are you wondering what the CLI changes are between ONTAP 9.3 and ONTAP 9.4?

Here's a handy page to bookmark on the NetApp Support Site:

ONTAP CLI Comparison Tools