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0Byte ISCSI LUNS on an FAS2554


Hello , 


I create some ISCSI LUNS on an FAS2554 . 

All the Luns are ISCSI Drives on an W2008R2 Windows Server . 


But two LUNS shows in the FAS Admin Console something strange . 

The Free Place from the Lun shows 0Bytes and an 100% Usage of this LUN . but in Windows the Drive is only half Full 

The other LUNs shws the correct values . 

When i try to reduce the Size of this strange two ISCSI Drives in Windows , the Windows Harddisk Manager hangs up . 


Can someone help me . 






What is a Vserver ? Where i can find the Vserver Name in my FAS 2554 ?



The LUNS are Thick Provisioned . I think the Data Alocation Option is only for Thin Provisioned LUNS . 


What can be the Reason , Here an Screenshot from read out the Log Files . 


It looks like the LUNS are fuller then there total Size ?!?!?!


The Windows Drives are used for Backup Target for Veeam Backup , that writes Files in this Drives which was overwrite at a special Time . 


In Windows Operating System the Drives are at the Moment half Full . 


No One has an answer ? 








Thanks, im no netapp specialist, what you mean with : : lun show -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name –fields space-allocation ?

The ISCSI Luns in Windows are used for Veeam Backup Repositorys. Veeam Backup the VMs and write Full Backup and incremental Backup Files in this Drives.

All ISCSI LUNs are configured with the same Settings.

Can i find the Space Allocation Option in Control Manager too ?


Hi WinstonWolf,


One possibility is that when Host deleted files on the DISK , the auto re-claim on the Storage LUN (Thin-Provisioned) did not happen. If Space Allocation is set to disable than Data ONTAP does not reclaim space automatically when your host deletes data. Verify that space allocation is enabled: lun show -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -lun lun_name –fields space-allocation

Hope this helps.



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