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1TB SATA Drives - Settled In?

Do you have any experience with the new 1TB SATA disk drives?

I'm looking for any comments good or bad regarding the use of 1TB SATA drives on a FAS system. Currently we're running a pair of FAS3040c devices with a mixture of 300GB FC and 500GB SATA disks, but looking to possibly expand we're thinking about the 1TB SATA disks. (We may even consider replacing 500GB disks with 1TB versions to increase capacity without increasing datacentre footprint or power requirements.)

Now quite a while ago a NetApp engineer advised me against 1TB disks as they were new to the market and needed time to bed in. I believe NetApp are shipping 1TB disks now quite regularly, so is this a sign that the technology has settled down and the disks have become reliable enough for a production system?

Any comments on your experience of failure rates, performance, rebuild times etc. are more than welcome.




Re: 1TB SATA Drives - Settled In?

Could I tempt you at comment the pros & cons of having two forums?


Please comment here using the open thread. Easy forum points and NetApp people are watching it. https://forums.netapp.com/thread/1456?tstart=0



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