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7.3.2 Snap Restore command line verification

I just wanted to verify this command before I run it on my filer.

snap restore -t file -s "2011-01-02 05:00:23 weekly_DCNA01_nfs_high_03.-" -r /vol/nfs_restore_01/PRO5500_D_JAN_02.vmdk /vol/nfs_high_03/PRO5500/PRO5500_1.vmdk

I am attempting to restore a vmdk file from a volume (nfs_high_03) snapshot and have it restored to an alternate location (/vol/nfs_restore_01). The warning given from the command is useless as it doesn't tell me what it is going to do specifically, other than that it will overwrite any file that exists with the same name, which would be bad if the restore-as-path option didn't work.

Can someone verify that the command as written above will restore my snapshot version of PRO5500_1.vmdk, to a different volume, /vol/nfs_restore_01?


Re: 7.3.2 Snap Restore command line verification

That is not possible.  You must restore within the same FlexVol:

snap restore -t file -s test -r /vol/chris2/test.txt /vol/chris1/test.txt

WARNING! This will restore a file from a snapshot into the active filesystem.  If the file already exists in the active filesystem,
it will be overwritten with the contents from the snapshot.

Are you sure you want to do this? y

You have selected file /vol/chris1/test.txt, snapshot test
It will be restored as /vol/chris2/test.txt

Proceed with restore? y

snap restore: restore_as_path and restore_from_path have to be specified in the same volume.

Re: 7.3.2 Snap Restore command line verification

Thanks for the tip. How about this command, my main question is the structure of the command.

snap restore -t file -s "2011-02-06 05:00:1 weekly_DCNA01_nfs_high_03.-" -r /vol/nfs_high_03/RESTORED/PRO5500_D_FEB_6.vmdk /vol/nfs_high_03/PRO5500/PRO5500_1.vmdk

My concern is that nothing happen to /vol/nfs_high_03/PRO5500/PRO5500_1.vmdk. Is my command justified?

Re: 7.3.2 Snap Restore command line verification

That command will work, BUT you must create the RESTORED folder if it does not exist already; and nothing will happen to the production file /vol/nfs_high_03/PRO5500/PRO5500_1.vmdk.

Just add the PRO5500_D_FEB_6.vmdk from /vol/nfs_high_03/RESTORED to your VM as an existing disk and extract files or whatever your need is.

If you have a NOW account (now.netapp.com), we have the NetApp ONTAP Simulator that you can run as a Virtual Machine in VMware Server\Workstation\ESX.  It is limited in scale, but performs almost all of the functions a real storage controller does.  This way you can run commands and trials like this without worry.

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Re: 7.3.2 Snap Restore command line verification

Much appreciated!

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