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[7.3] upgrade_ownership not recognized


Sorry if this is not the place to ask.

Has anybody an idea of what's wrong :

> priv set advanced

*> disk upgrade_ownership

disk: Did not recognize option "upgrade_ownership".

Extract of sysconfig -a :

NetApp Release 7.3: Thu Jul 24 14:34:16 PDT 2008

Model Name: FAS3020

Shelf 1: AT-FCX  Firmware rev. AT-FCX A: 35  AT-FCX B: 35

We have two other filers (clusterized) with /_exactly_/ the same version 7.3 (2008) and the same shelf. The only difference is that the one above is stand-alone. And both accept command "disk show", as they are in software based ownership; that is why I think that upgrading wouldn't change anything.



Re: [7.3] upgrade_ownership not recognized

Disk show gives output on this system?  Then software ownership is already enabled and you should be good to go.

Re: [7.3] upgrade_ownership not recognized

Support for online changing to software based disk ownership is available starting with 7.3.1 In 7.3 you have to boot in maintenance mode.

Re: [7.3] upgrade_ownership not recognized

Thank you aborzenkov, I upgraded to 7.3.3, changed ownership, rebooted and now we do have "disk show".