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Active/Passive and keeping a parition for core dumps


I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding if I need a data parition for core dumps on the passive node of my active/passive system.


We're running Ontap 9.1p8 on a FAS2620 with ADP.


This Ontap 9 article about active/passive says nothing about a spare parition on the second node.


This Onap 9 article about correctign misaligned spares says every node needs a spare data parition for core dumps. 


In either case, when I first setup the system and fully populated the active node with the data paritions, holding one back for a spare data parition on the passive node, the active node almost immediately "stole" that data parition through a disk copy that it apparently started all by itself. 


Thanks for any input!




Re: Active/Passive and keeping a parition for core dumps


Hello, to confirm you need a drive with both spare data and root partitions owned by the node to perform a core dump.


However, to maximise capacity only a single spare drive is normally allocated across the HA-Pair. Both nodes will have a single spare root partition, but only the active node will have a single data partition. This means we cannot guarantee a core dump from the passive node.


Hope this make sense.









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Re: Active/Passive and keeping a parition for core dumps


I'll also add - the situations where you need a core-dump are very limited - and from a passive node, even more so. For the sake of efficiency, I wouldn't bother making provisions for it on a FAS2620.

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