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Adding new shelf to FAS2020


very new on NetApp so all help is welcome.

we have bought a new DS14MK2 SHLF (14 TB) and want to connect it to the the current FAS2020. The storage system has just one controller and it has allready a FC-shelf. the new shelf is SATA and i wish assign it to a new aggr.

1- i assign a shelf ID to the the new shelf

2- shut down the storage system

3- attach the new shelf to the the old one (chain, IN / OUT) and start them up.

what next? whish commands must be run?


Adding new shelf to FAS2020

You can't mix FC and SATA in the same loop.  If both FC ports are in use on the FAS2020, then you need to go single path to each shelf loop to use the SATA shelf.

If you had a free port, you could hot add the shelf, but if you have to remove a port from the FC shelf then it will require downtime.

After connectivity you need to run disk assign then aggr create.


Adding new shelf to FAS2020

Thank you for information Scott!

Check out the KB!
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