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Aggregate Setup and Disk Size

I have a new shelf of 2TB SATA drives (14 total). I also have a 2 drives left over that are 1TB SATA (So that's 16 total disks). Would it be OK to create two 7 disk aggregates, with each aggregate having one of the 1TB drives mixed with the 2TB drives? The remaining two 2TB drives would be used as hot spares.



Re: Aggregate Setup and Disk Size

It actually doesn't look like this buys me much as far as useable space goes. If I create a 11 disk aggregate w/ all 2TB drives the usable size is 13.1 TB. The two mixed aggregates I was referring to in my first post would be 6.55 TB usable. I think going to go for the one large aggregate to avoid mixing disk sizes.

Re: Aggregate Setup and Disk Size

Don't forget to keep spares.  The 1TB cannot act as spares for an AGGR built out of all 2TB disks.