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Assigning disks to FAS2020


Hello All,

I've inherited a FAS2020 in which the previous administrator left little to no documentation.  The disks that will be installed belonged to a different filer and I'm having issues assign the disks and gettign the filer to boot.  I was able to assign the disks via system id but not by hostname.  I've attempted to assigned the disks with the -o switch using the hostname that is supposedly assigned to the filer but receive an error message explaining that the host could not be contacted.  Although I am able to assign the disks via system id, the 4a option of the special boot menu continues to fail and show that there are 0 of 3 of owned disks needed to boot the filer.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Assigning disks to FAS2020



first of all you should log in to maintenance menu for all disk reassigning issues,

you should hit ctrl+C during the boot process, make sure you didn't enter the loader prompt, if you're in the loader prompt ( LOADER A> or LOADER B> ) you can type "boot_ontap" and hit ctrl+C when requested. 

You should first get the sysid of your filer via sysconfig

than learn the old sysid's of the disks via "disk_list" or "disk show -v" commands.

than "disk reassign -o "old sysid you get from the foreign disks" -s "sysid of the 2020 you have"

please note that the disks could have been removed from more than one filers than you should do the -o switch for all the old sysid's you have on the disks.

if it's done do an "aggr status" to see if there's any aggregate info inherited from the new disks as this may happen, if so you should destroy the bogus aggregate before you halt the filer just make sure it's the right one.

if it all went well than you can see the new disks assigned to the 2020 sysid and you're good to go, once again halt the controllers and when the filer is up you can see the disks as spares in the controller with the command "aggr status -s", if the disks indicate as "not zeroed" than you should type "disk zero spares" and wait till all the disks are cleaned and ready to add to an aggregate or create a new one.

Once again to do all of this you should plan a maintenance timeline because you should stop all the lun's volumes and shares on the filer to reassign disks and shut down all the systems depend to the filer.

i hope this helps.

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Re: Assigning disks to FAS2020



Thank you for your response, it seems that I'm gaining a little traction.  After running the reassign command, the disk show that they are owned by my current system id, but when I attempt to run the 4a option under the special boot menu, the filer throws the following error message:

"The system has 0 disks assigned whereas it needs 3 to boot, will try to assign the required number.

DBG: SANOWN: total number fo disks assigned = 0Could assign only 0 out of the 3 disks required by the system to boot.

PANIC: This system has no disks, and tus no file system can be created on it in process rc on release NetApp Release"

After seeinge the above message, I went back into maintenance boot to conduct a sanity check, verified that the disks we owned by my current systemid but noticed that there was no hostname for the filer.  Ran sysconfig -v but didint' see anything pointing towards a hostname for the filer.  Is there a command that will give the filer a hostname, then run the reassign command against the given hostname?  Again, thanks for any help.


Re: Assigning disks to FAS2020



Thanks for the help after further research, my problem had to be self-inflicted and it was: turns out that the first time I ran the reassign command, I used the wrong sysid...corrected the issue and all is well.  Thanks a million!!!

- D

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