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We have a FAS2020 in HA mode.  We had one of the controllers replaced a few weeks ago and it seems it lost the BMC port IP address we had assigned, so I can't putty it into.  If I putty into the other controller, can I find the IP address of the BMC port I don't know?






Hi @it_7


You can get the ip address from NetApp autosupport site. Go to raw autosupport tab and you can go through the bmc related commands. I have found my SP ip address over there. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.Capture.PNG




We don't use autosupport... not through choice but neccessity.  On our FAS2020 filers, autosupport only works through the LAN ports, but we use both for MPIO in Windows as dedicated links each to a dedicated switch and dedicated subnets, and physically isolated from the LAN so no access to the internet/corporate network.


I was told autosupport can work through the BMC port, which is connected to the corporate network, but never told how that's done.


BMC can't proxy or forward AutoSupport on behalf of its host filer.  However, it can send a few kinds of AutoSupport for special situations (system down, etc.) via SMTP, if configured to do so via the AutoSupport options on the filer (if that makes sense - it gets that config info internall from its host).  It just needs a path to reach the SMTP gateway that is defined.


That screenshot is for a much newer ONTAP version and newer HW platforms... but the concept is sound.

Are your systems sending AutoSupport? Then you can go to the My AutoSupport portal and examine the "sysconfig-a" section from a historical AutoSupport to see what the IP address was for the BMC.  My AutoSuport retains 60 days.  If you need to go further back in time, open a case with NetApp Support and they can look it up further back in time, if needed.


It will be at the bottom of the output and will look something like this:


        Baseboard Management Controller:
                Firmware Version:   1.2
                IPMI version:       2.0
                DHCP:               off
                BMC MAC address:    00:a0:98:26:7e:b2
                IP address:           <<<<<<<<<<<<
                IP mask:  
                Gateway IP address:
                BMC ARP interval:   10 seconds
                BMC has (1) user:   naroot
                ASUP enabled:       on
                ASUP mailhost:
                ASUP from:          filer@company.com
                ASUP recipients:    filer-support@company.com
                Uptime:             190 Days, 03:40:25


Can you remotely log into the host system? If you don't have AutoSupport enabled (which is always a shame...), you might be able to see the IP address show up in the /etc/log/messages (and .0) files in the root volume of the system.  CIFS/NFS mount it to look around, or you can use the "dir" and "rdfile" commands from CLI advanced privilege to examine the log files.




Have you done a "bmc status"?


Yeah, but that only shows the controller you're connected to.


I need to show that info for the other controller, or better yet configure, the one I can't connect (BMC) into.


If I run an IP scanner, it only picks out one of the controllers BMC's ports (the one I can connect to), so the new controller isn't even on the same ip range/subnet.


You said that you have got an HA pair. So what it with the other controller? Can't you connect to it?


That's what I said in the first post...?


Yes you replaced it but it should still have the same configuration as before the replacement. Only the BMC configuration should be lost. If not you have to configure it with a serial console.


Yeah the 2 LAN ports have retained the correct IP config.  Only the BMC port has lost the IP config.


Can you re-configure the BMC port without using serial port?  This unit is not in the same location as me!


So if they retained the correct configuration it should be possible to login to this controller and do the setup via bmc setup...


How do I connect to the LAN ports via shell?  If I use putty it says 'Network error: Connection refused'

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