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Bad disk label version - 8.1 to 7.3.7


So I have a shelf from an 8.1 system apparently that was an eBay purchase. The 2020 that it was just attached to is complaining about the label version. There's no update for a 2020 past 7.3.7. 

Am I totally and completely screwed here? Looks like everything I read says if the label version is newer that I need to connect it to a version 8.1 system, which I do not have. 


Re: Bad disk label version - 8.1 to 7.3.7




Your assessment is right. Please refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/disk-label-version-error-or-bad-label-version-error?language=en_US for more information.

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Re: Bad disk label version - 8.1 to 7.3.7


Try "priv set advanced ; disk unfail -s xx.xx". You need to repeat it for each disk, it should make disk unzeroed spare.

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