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I have a FAS2050, it has 4 ZFC ports in the back (2 per controller) that are empty.

Do i have to get NetApp branded SFP transceivers, or can i just stick CISCO ones i have on hand, these are brand new 4Gb FC SFP, LC connectors.



Re: CISCO SFP on FAS2050

Very good question, but I don't know. We had in the past the opposite problem, and we used NetApp SFP's in cisco's. That works, but to be sure, we have replace them afterwards.

It's a pity that we can't virtualize SFP's, otherwise I would P2V you some of mine. For some raison, I have now a dozen of spare NetApp SFP's.


Re: CISCO SFP on FAS2050

I have both Cisco's 4g sfp and genuine Netapp's 4g sfp. And I have fas 2020 in my lab. I have all the hardware disks/optics setup ready to perform the experiment. The only thing missing is the ontap operating system because I bought the fas 2020 from a liquidator. I wish I can help and get help perform the sfp swap test.
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