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Cable length for FAS20xx

What is the maximum FC cable length you can use to connect a FAS20x0A to DS14 disk shelves. Never had this before, but cutomer has a full rack, and wants to add 2 x DS14's in a new rack in adjacent room 15-20mt apart.


Re: Cable length for FAS20xx

Hi and welcome to the Communities!

I think this table is perfectly applicable to your case:


It talks about how far cluster heads can be from each other, but at the end of the day your shelf to shelf (or controller to shelf) link is just an FC connection.



Re: Cable length for FAS20xx

Thanks Radek, Thats what I had pressumed, and all the documentation I had found had only mentioned Cluster lengths etc. Just don't want to get the PO for 2 shelves, only to find the PS hits the problem.

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