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Cabling FAS2552 + 2 x DS2246 + 1 x DS4246




We have a FAS2552 (dual controller) with 2 DS2246 connected.  We want to add a DS4246 to this configuration.


From the documentation, I can see how to connect DS4246 to a dual controller FAS2252, but can't quite get my head around adding the DS4246 to a FAS2552 & 2 x DS2246...


Does anyone know how this should be cabled??



Hi DCP-AU, if you can provide a diagram how you have it cabled now I can help you cable in the new shelf by replying with the new cabling connections




You can refer the link https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMP1197106



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Thanks for responding; however that document is supplied with my system & doesn't reference the scenaio.


It references:

  1. FAS2552 connecting to multiple DS4246 shelves
  2. FAS2552 connecting to multiple DS2246 shelves

My scenario is a FAS2552 with 2 x DS2246 shelves (matching option-2 above), to which I need to add a DS4246 shelf.  This is where the problem begins.  The DS2246 are dual controller, so the cabling logic is clear, but the DS4246 is single controller & it is not obvious how to insert this into the loop (& essentially where).


Can you please provide more detail??


DS4246 has definitely two IOM6 modules - in fact they are exactly the same, as those in DS2246 shelves (IOM6)


You can add the new DS4246 shelf non-disruptively at the end of the SAS stack.


Has the issue been resolved ?


The DS4246 definitely has 2 IOMs. There is one on top and one on bottom. It does look a little weird since the 2246 has the IOMS side-by-side. Treat the top one like you would the left one and the bottom like the right.

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