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Can I do a vol move in my situation?


Currently doing a complete storage migration from DS14 shelves to DS4246 and DS2246 shelves.


Customer is 90% FC and iSCSI attached storage to physical servers running SQL clusters and web servers.


Some volumes will stay on the same controller node but move to the new aggregate while others will move to the other controller node.



DOT 8.1.4 7-Mode

Old aggregates are 32bit, new are 64bit


I know for the volumes moving between controllers we will snapmirror for sure.


But for the volumes staying on the same controller can I do a vol move? I thought in the past that wasn't possible because of the 32bit \ 64bit aggregate differences. But getting conflicting information from these 2 NetApp sites.


Requirements for performing a volume move


Dated May 2013


Requirements for performing a volume move


Dated Nov. 2010




Re: Can I do a vol move in my situation?


Neither of those links are specific to your version of ONTAP.  The 2013 link is for ONTAP 8.2, the 2010 link os for ONTAP 8.0.


If you check the docs for 8.1.4:


You will see this note:

Beginning in Data ONTAP 8.1.1, you can move a volume from a 32-bit aggregate to a 64-bit aggregate. However, you cannot move a volume from a 64-bit aggregate to a 32-bit aggregate.


Hope that helps.


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Re: Can I do a vol move in my situation?




Thank you for following up on this for me. I see now how to get to the different documentations for the ONTAP versions.


This is exactly what I need and has helped us out with this migration.


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