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Can these systems be connected together ?

Quick dumb question.


The image below (Image 1) is my existing setup (cabled and working) its a FAS2240-2 and a 2240-4


I have another shelf, please see image 2


My question is, can i interconnect them all.


Thank you.


image 1






Re: Can these systems be connected together ?

Hi there,


Your existing setup is a FAS2240-4 and a DS2246 (not a 2240-2 - that is a controller.. which is what the picture 2 shows).


The system in picture 2 can be converted into another DS2246, by replacing the FAS2240 controllers with IOM6 modules (only - IOM3 is not supported). All you need is the two IOM6 modules and sufficient SAS cables. Be aware that the FAS2240-2 may have partitioned disks, so you probably want to boot it, unpartition them if partitioned, then convert it into a shelf by replacing the controllers with the IOM6s.


SAS cables plug circle to square, start and finish the chain in different controllers

Re: Can these systems be connected together ?

Picture 2 is the shelf that i want to add to this existing setup.


Is it possible with the modules the system has, or do i need to get the IOM6 module ?


I am just making sure i understand what i need to do.


Thank you.


Sorry for the mistakes in the models.

Re: Can these systems be connected together ?

Not possible with the modules it has - these are called PCMs, or confusingly, IOM6E's. They need to be replaced with IOM6's, which will turn it from a controller into a shelf.

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Re: Can these systems be connected together ?

Thank you.

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