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Cannot assign disk


I have this message on my FAS2040 when I try to take ownership of one disk.

diskown.releasingMismatchedReservation:warning]: ownership calculation is releasing reservation on disk 0c.00.5 (S/N 612345679812345XNX) as it is owned by unowned (ID 123456798)

diskown.StealingDiskPrevented:warning]: Ownership for disk 0d.01.0 (S/N HBD6786) cannot be changed because system  (ID 12346598) currently owns the persistent reservation.

How can I fix this?




Re: Cannot assign disk

Have you tried to unassign it on current owner first?

Re: Cannot assign disk


>disk remove_ownership <disk_id>

If that doesen't do it, then,
>disk assign <disk_id> -f

You also might need to go to advanced mode before issuing those commands. >priv set advanced.

>priv set will simply bring you back to normal mode.

Do you know where that disk came from?

I mean, if it's not a empty one and there is a part of aggregate in it, and you assign it to your filer, you will get a warning message. Aggregate in degraded mode, or something like that, so don't panic, you just have to destroy it then


Re: Cannot assign disk

had the same issue:

localhost:diskown.ownerReservationMismatch:warning]: disk 3a.01.23 (S/N LXWLAJXM) is supposed to be owned by this node but has a persistent reservation placed by node ?? (ID xxxxxx)

it was a new cluster installation and instead of changing/rewiring the heads I reset everything


ha-config modify controller non-ha

ha-config modify chassis non-ha

mailbox destroy local

mailbox destroy partner

loader> setenv partner-sysid ""


power off head & shelf

power on shelf & head


loader> setenv partner-sysid SYSID



ha-config modify controller ha

ha-config modify chassis ha

"disk show" showed no more errors and maybe the power off/on would have been enough...

Re: Cannot assign disk

Hi All

I have just come across this issue as well. Scenario: Had a couple of Clustered ONTAP nodes that we needed to re-purpose. The idea was to go to maintenance mode and remove all disk ownership and then just assign the disks.

However I had the message "ownership calculation is releasing reservation on disk " A disk show -n showed all disks as unowned but any attempt to own them would result in a message telling me that the disk was owned by another.

Following Franja.Schmid info above, I took the chance to firstly power off the shelves and head and then power them back on. Problem Solved

Hope this helps

Re: Cannot assign disk


If there is still an old system ID owning the disk and cannot unassign it from that system anymore, try this:

priv set diag

disk assign <disk-id> -s unowned -f

If the disks still have a reservation on them, you will need to remove that with "storage release disks" (I think this one is only available in maintenance mode or takeover mode).

Best regards