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Change/Update the Data ontap backup kernel ?

Hi everyboby,

Is it possible to change/update the Data ontap backup kernel version ?

And if it possible, how can I do that ?

Best Regards,

Julien Davaïc.

P.S: FAS2050

version -b

1:/x86_elf/kernel/primary.krn: OS            

1:/backup/x86_elf/kernel/primary.krn: OS                

1:/x86_elf/diag/diag.krn:  5.3.6                                 
1:/x86_elf/firmware/deux/firmware.img: Firmware 3.1.0           

1:/x86_elf/firmware/SB_XIV/firmware.img: BIOS/NABL Firmware 3.0  
1:/x86_elf/firmware/SB_XIV/bmc.img: BMC Firmware 1.2            


Re: Change/Update the Data ontap backup kernel ?

Just install a newer primary version, your current primary version will become the backup version.   What are you trying to achieve?  Kind regards,  Michel van Kessel

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Re: Change/Update the Data ontap backup kernel ?

Thanks for your answer.

I just want to upgrade a FAS 2050 (firmware, BMC, data ontap...), and I was wondering how to upgrade the backup Data Ontap.

Best Regards,

Julien Davaïc.

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