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Change root volume nondisruptively?



Curious if I can change the root volume on both heads of a FAS3140 cluster nondisruptively.  I've recently done the root volume change on a brand new pair of 3210s (before they were clustered and before any other data lived on the heads), so I'm familiar with the process, but...

How is this different for a cluster?  Can I mark a new volume with 'vol options xxxx root' on one head, then issue 'cf takeover' from the other head and change the root vol on the fly?  I guess I'm really just wondering when the process happens - would the new volume become root when the head2 takes over for head1....or does the new root vol become live when 'cf giveback' commences.  Or is this even possible to consider in a clustered scenario without downtime.  Thanks in advance.


Re: Change root volume nondisruptively?


Yes, you can. Exactly as you describe - mark new volume as root and issue “cf takeover”.

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Re: Change root volume nondisruptively?


Thanks very much - marked as answer.  I've got a few weeks to go before I can attempt.  I love netapp technology, but it seems like I'm always throwing data around to regain/reprovision space.  Never enough shelves .  Looking forward to a jump from 7.3.2 to 8.0.3 in the next couple weeks!  Thanks again for a quick response.

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